Real Food – for Real!

Don’t you agree?

there is no honesty in the food industry nowadays – it's lacking almost completely.

Our mission is to change that.



In the food and ready meals we offer, all we need are real ingredients, none of the synthetic food additives, preservatives, or other chemicals. We don’t process our food either in hard industrial ways.

We reach the maximum shelf life with purely natural ingredients. We use the best knowledge, renowned experts, and a new, unique way of thinking.

The food we make is the food that you make at home – except now you don’t have to: we’ve done it for you.

That’s why we founded Ketokamu, to make your everyday eating easy, healthy, and satisfying!

Elviira Krebber
Elviira is a Finnish Certified Keto Coach and Certified Nutritional Adviser who has over 30-year experience of different diets and recipe development.

Elviira has followed a ketogenic lifestyle for over a decade, beating many severe ailments with the clean and natural keto food.

She has written numerous eBooks, and three printed books, one of which in English and two in Finnish. The English book went to the Amazon bestseller list soon after publishing in 2017, and the first Finnish book sold out quickly after the launch.

Elviira has more books coming, currently she has a deal for six more books as well as video courses, lectures, and other presentations.

Since 2012, Elviira has been writing a successful blog, Low-Carb, So Simple, that has over 1 million followers across the social media channels.

In her blog, Elviira develops clean-eating gluten-free and sugar-free ketogenic recipes with 5 ingredients or less. She has developed thousands of easy keto recipes – and more are coming every single day.

She is an avid lecturer and speaker about the ketogenic diet – covering the whole range of the ketogenic diet from strict ketogenic vegan lifestyle to a pure carnivore diet.
Olli Kolehmainen
Olli has been interested in wellness and healthy food since he was a teenager. Past 10 years, he has been following a low-carb diet.

Already many years ago, Olli noticed there are no good-quality and nourishing low-carb ready meals, snacks, or meal replacements available – and this is still true today. Therefore, he wanted to establish a company and develop the food himself, with the team of the best experts available.

Despite his young age, Olli has a long history in the business world. He founded his first company in 2008. However, helping others has always been Olli's first priority. He completed a nursing program and became a registered nurse. Olli is also studying nutrition to become a Certified Nutritional Adviser.

While studying, Olli encountered again – with the other students – the clamant need for healthy, low-carb ready meals and snacks. From that moment, Olli started gathering a team of experts to join a revolutionary business with a mission to completely change the selection of ready meals, meal replacements, and snacks at stores. That was the moment when Ketokamu was established.
Sami Tallberg
Awarded chef with vast experience in the culinary field, including 20+ countries worldwide.

Sami is known for his extensive ingredient knowledge and groovy flavor pairings. Wild fish, wild meat, and foraged wild herbs and mushrooms are his core passion and specialty.

22 years of hands-on experience in the catering industry and 11 written cookbooks (published in Finnish, English, Swedish, and Russian) makes Sami an exceptional chef.

For the past five years, Sami Tallberg has been focusing solely on biohacker-proof food, including keto.

These qualities, combined together with the team, provide Ketokamu products that are unique and sterling, designed for everyday use.

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